Sisters in San Diego: Part One

When my sister moved to San Diego for work, I had to visit her any chance I could!

Last Halloween, I flew out for the very first time to celebrate my birthday (Nov 3) with Chelsea because I couldn’t imagine celebrating any other way. We laughed, we ate good food, we explored and it was just what my heart needed. 2019 wasn’t the best for me (it looks golden compared to 2020) but being with my sister always feels like coming back to myself – there’s a huge sense of understanding and connection I can’t quite explain. :’) I want to share some photos from our time together, and I hope you get to go one day – too!


One of our first outings involved brunch at Breakfast Republic and it did NOT disappoint. We sat outside even though for Californians they definitely would have been “too cold”. It was perfect to us.


Can you sense the excitement?!

La Jolla is a dream! There’s shops to walk around, coffee places (Better Buzz pleaseeee), the coast, seals & sea lions (!), activities and more. Once I laid my eyes on the palm trees I knew I had arrived to Southern California. Thirteen year old me was living her “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach” fantasies…more on that later.


Chelsea and I found a secret walkway that takes you from Starbucks down to the water and we were reminded of Naples, Italy
That waterrrrrr
The seal lions are so cute!

City Tacos was my first “local” taco experience and MY OH MYYYYYYYYYY. Mexicali. That’s all. (Look it up)


We walked around Hillcrest’s farmer’s market and scored some fresh bread 🙂
Pigment – a store in North Park that is a walking Pinterest!

On my actual birthday, Chelsea and I drove to Laguna Beach and dined at Las Brisas (recommended by my father) and I really have nothing bad to say…..holy stunning. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m glad we rang in ’26’ that way.

Pacific Coast Highway
Our view at Las Brisas
Chorizo Torta, Carne Asada Tacos, Beans and Rice (don’t forget the cotijaaaa!)
Chelsea’s marg
Free tres leches cake for the birthday girl


Being in Laguna is something Chelsea and I talked about for over ten years due to our love for trash television. To be there physically was surreal. We walked around the town of Laguna and it’s actually so charming!! We then drove further to Newport Beach area (The OC fans, duh) and discovered Balboa Island. Probably the best hidden gem we happened upon the whole trip. The houses are all uniquely brilliant and quaint. There’s a port with sailboats and a walkway where people walk their dogs and it’s so….quiet. Still, even. I’d definitely live there. 100940579_276140653437644_1292668401705025536_n

Sunset Cliffs was a MUST. It’s one of the best places to view the sunset, and probably the most peaceful too. Something about the ocean, man. 101577529_277074167007797_7338873655910203392_n

Chelsea gave me a tour of her beautiful campus where she works and made sure to mention “canyon” at least 25 times 😉

Hiking Torrey Pines

On my last day with Chelsea, my flight was at night so we packed in a full day to make the most of it (and so that I would be more tired on the plane). It started with Balboa Park, then Taco Stand (their Baja and Al Pastor tacos…) and last but not least the gigantic San Diego Zoo! (Which is very overpriced in my opinion – but it is something you can easily spend all day in – we did not have that luxury but still enjoyed our time).


Hi, Gram 🙂

I forgot to mention I made a best friend – Peanut Butter Jones.

Peanut is Chelsea’s neighbor. She’s obsessed with kissing me. Miss you, PBJ.


This is merely snapshots of a four day trip with memories to last me a lifetime. I am grateful for every moment I get with my bb sister (she’s older but still my bb). I didn’t know it then, but I would be back in February! So stay tuned for the mischief we got into which includes crossing the border and getting lost in Mexico. Oh yeah.101387788_693911504730997_2129156837864374272_n

‘Til next time.

Stay Kind,



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