Starting anew.

Helloooooooooo. It’s 2017. And I’ve neglected this blog. But I’ve been living my life, so that’s a pretty good reason for my absence.

My most recent post back in August 2015 left off with a promise to myself to never lose the willingness to step outside my comfort zone as I began senior year of my undergraduate studies.

Well, I did that.

I joined RUKUS Entertainment and no one but me knows how much courage that took for me. I look back on it and think, why was I so scared?

It brought me people I am closest to today. And I’m a different dancer now.

But enough about the past. I began this blog when I moved to England. I just got back from a two week Euro-trip, and thought, why not continue sharing? And why do I only feel the need to talk about things outside of life in the US? I should talk more. Get my thoughts out.

So that’s what I’m gonna do!

I’ve evolved, grown, changed and molded myself into a better me these past two years.

If you are along for the ride, I appreciate you.


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