A moment.

Dreams have a funny way of coming true when you least expect it. Or maybe your dream is so far fetched you think there’s less than 1% of it actually happening.

This past Sunday, I had a brief encounter with one of my favorite humans on this Earth. I’ve been waiting 3+ years for this…

I met Louis Tomlinson from One Direction in his hometown – Doncaster. Feels weird even typing this. Here’s what went down:

We arrived into Doncaster on Saturday April 18th and kept checking twitter to make sure he hadn’t been spotted in Donny. We were thinking of going down to check out the stadium but there really wasn’t much point. We decided to stay in and plan to be up early because we found out from a girl who is a regular that girls plan to get there early’ish. We then saw updates that people were camping out which is extreme and not necessary for something like this.

We woke up pretty early and got ready. Our bnb host made us breakfast which was very nice of her! She offered to drive us to Keepmoat so that was nice to save on money, but we were on her discretion of time. It ended up working out though πŸ™‚

We arrived at the Keepmoat a little before 11 am. There were girls there but it was hard to judge just how many because a car boot sale (yard sale) was happening at the same time and it lasted until noon so the car park was swarmed with people. We found the players’ entrance where we knew he would enter and then saw some barricades and decided to stake out there although we weren’t particularly happy with the location. (Soon after they would be changing barricade locations on us like 3 times).

Security kept telling girls to stay away from the closest barricades to the players’ entrance but finally it opened up and it was a free for all. We didn’t bother running because honestly what can you do? And this wasn’t the last time we changing positions, haha! It was here that we met this cool girl from Atlanta and ended up spending our day with her. (I love how this band brings people together!) The security kept telling us to move back or forwards and would even break off the line and have us move diagonally to let a car through…talk about a nightmare when everyone doesn’t want to “lose” their spot. (We weren’t at the front at this point so this was a window of opportunity for us!)


We saw that they opened up more barricades and I found it strange not a lot of people were running to it. Yes, it wasn’t as near to the entrance but it gave us the ability to be at the front of a barricade. Mackenzie and I decided to stake out a front spot while Danielle and Danielle (same name, how ironic!) stayed at the other. It was evident that the original spot where the Danielle’s were wasn’t ideal because none of us were at the front.

Danielle x2 ended up finding a front spot opposite us. It was sort of like our own pathway separate from the main group of people. James Coppinger arrived so we knew Louis had to be coming soon. Some important guy walked past us and I overheard him on the phone say, “Tell Louis to come…”

I think it was about 1:15 pm when a van pulled up and so many people started screaming I was like this is it this is real. Sweet little tommo pops out and heads over to the end of a barricade and starts MEETING PEOPLE. This shocked me and simultaneously made my heart melt because in America if this was the set up the best thing to happen would be them waving and walking straight inside. I started crying…I don’t know if it was because he was meeting people or the fact that this precious person is REAL? I had to tell myself to hold it together.


He was taking time to take photos and I was nervous. I had a sharpie and the ticket in my hand but I was like “Kendra…when it comes down to it I  100% would rather have a photo than an autograph.” He’s making his way and it’s complete chaos…everyone is following him down so that adds to the mob and so many people are screaming I was surprised he was still outside to be honest, you need to chill. Apparently people were grabbing at him I didn’t see it but that makes me sad – you do not treat a person that way. As I watched I saw of course he couldn’t get every single person, he was skipping patches every and now and again (probably security’s doing no doubt) but around mine and kenz’ area it seemed like he was doing every person leading up.

I was taking time to just look at him like he’s not real he can’t be…he’s so precious and beautiful and his hairrrrrr. ugh. When he got to me I made sure to stick my phone out to hand to him. He was the one to take the photo (deep breaths) but he didn’t know what button to press so we stood there for a few seconds and I had to show him. As I watched his finger press the button I wasn’t fully ready so that is why my mouth is open in the photo but it’s ok I find it funny and a good story to tell!





It was such a quick “meet” I wanted to hug him and talk to him for a minute and I would be content but there were 6 dudes surrounding him pushing him along there was no time for a word exchange 😦 I turn around after our photo fully expecting Mackenzie to be taking hers but he was pushed to skip a bunch of people and I feel really bad πŸ˜₯ Of course I had no way of knowing that would happen, and it was completely out of my control. It just sucks. He continued but as it went a long he was spending less time and before you know it he was entering the stadium after another cute wave to us.

I am really grateful for the photo and honestly the fact that he took time to meet fans in general. I fully believe there will be a time in the future for me (and my friends) where I will tell him how much I adore and admire him. It really has to be a coincidental meeting on the street type thing or VIP experience where they have the time to have a short conversation. But honestly never give up, because you never know what could happen!!! I’m still in disbelief about it all.

The game…I am a happy girl. He was so smiley and happy doing what he loves (a man of many talents) and soooooOoooOOoooooooo attractive. We watched their warm up. He played the majority of the first half, and came back the last 20 minutes of the 2nd half. It made me happy just to be there and help the Bluebell Wood Charity. He is a genuinely amazing person, how do we deserve him?




with children???




Liam made an appearance!


A moment. This happens in a blink of an eye, but there are some moments you will never forget. April 19th, 2015 was one of them.

I was inspired to study in England because of 5 special boys and then during my studies I get to see one of them face to face? Dreams become reality.

Doncaster, you were so lovely and I can’t wait to be back!




Stay nice,

K. x

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