One month in.

Apologies to all for taking so much time off before writing another blog post. On the bright side, I have been a busy bee exploring my new home for the next 4 months!

One month. I think one month is a good amount of time to get your bearings in an unknown place and form some sort of routine.

Week 1 – vacation or what you would call “honeymoon phase”. We had orientation but we weren’t in school yet so nothing was pressuring and then we went and played in London. It was bliss.

Week 2- First week of classes where everything is thrown at your face for what is expected this semester. And then you freak out. And freak out some more. Overwhelmed would be a good word. I will be the first one to say it was a bit overwhelming being thrown into the English school system without any warning of how it worked.

Week 3 – Getting to know your course mates a bit better. Classroom setting begins to feel familiar. Presentation is complete and suddenly classes aren’t so overwhelming anymore. I discovered a studio to take dance classes at. I also found my halfway house.

Week 4 – The sense of exploration is upon us. I have figured out the bus schedules and maps and can navigate quite efficiently on my own! I even mapped out how we were to get to the outer skirts of Dorset county by boat and ferry!

So for now I will say, this first month has been nothing short of eventful. I am learning every day and discovering new places that make me feel content with the world. (like Narnia) Chelsea is coming this week to visit – I haven’t seen her in SEVEN MONTHS. That’s right. 7. Who knows where we will explore next!


Did I mention England has a Reading Week? God bless.

Stay nice,

K. x

One thought on “One month in.

  1. So happy you’ve settled in!
    Had no doubt about your navigational skills though.
    Anyone that can master the NYC subway system can conquer anything!! 🙂
    Love you & miss you K ♡


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