Mishaps and Settling In…

I’ve arrived in Heathrow. Did that sentence actually come from my mouth? It is completely surreal to be in a place I’ve idolized for years. I step off the plane and feel the cold air hit my face…this is real.

I arrive at baggage claim and quickly find out that my bag has not arrived with me. What?

“Your bag will be delivered tomorrow, it’s still in Toronto.”

Fantastic. With my carry-on and very few clothing items inside, I head off to the bus station and journey to Bournemouth. With an uncertainty of my surroundings as I step into the Main Reception, the uni staff help me out with my key. Being the gentlemen that he is, a chap named Tom drove me from Uni to my flat since it was dark out.

Our flat’s heater is broken. The first night I didn’t have bedding besides a small pillow they provided and mattress cover (and thankfully my blanket). About 1.5 hours into my sleep I wake up absolutely shivering. I crawl into Danielle’s warm duvet and try to sleep the best I can.

1st day of class and my alarm didn’t go off. Woke up at 9:13 and we were leaving at 9:30…got ready in ten minutes!!! Record.

2 days later and our wifi is out. Things are shaping up quite nicely eh?

But besides all the mishaps, I am having the most incredible time being introduced to English culture. The first night of orientation there was a social at the Uni’s bar called Dylan’s and we met so many international students from France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Austria, China, etc. We spent the whole night laughing and discussing the differences between America and said country. Once that died down we moved on to another pub for more drinks and dessert.

We did a bit of exploring in the town centre and I am in love. I am so happy! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it is so different from America…perhaps that’s why I love it.

We are off to London tomorrow!

Stay nice,

K .x

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